Where are you located?
- Ron Cochran Public Safety Building - 2601 West Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale FL 33312

What are your days and hours of operation?
- Monday thru Thurday 8:30AM To 6:30PM

What is your contact number?
- Records Division (954) 831-8700

Is there a charge for reports if I pick them up in person?
- Yes, reports are 15 cents per page for a single sided copy or 20 cents for doubled sided copies.

-Certified reports are $1.00. In accordance with FSS 119.07(4)(d), an applicable service charge may be assessed for certain requests.

Do you provide body camera footage?
- For all public record requests pertaining to body camera footage, please contact the BSO Digital Evidence Unit.
- Via Phone: (954) 931-8745
- Via Email: DigitalEvidence@Sheriff.org

How long does a report take to become available?
- Most reports are available within 10 business days. There are some instances wherein this time frame may be extended.

Why can`t I find my report on this site?
- Crash reports are available on this site 60 days after they are completed. (FSS 316.005(5)). If you need your crash report beforehand, you must pick it up in person.

- Some reports will be blocked to protect your privacy. - Records are only available online from 7/01/2015

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